Commit 87002f70 authored by Simon Marshall's avatar Simon Marshall
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Deal with `#'s in variable references.

parent 0561decb
......@@ -628,7 +628,14 @@ See `sh-feature'.")
(defconst sh-font-lock-syntactic-keywords
;; Mark a `#' character as having punctuation syntax in a variable reference.
'(("\\$[({]?\\(#\\)" 1 (1 . nil))))
;; Really we should do this properly. From Chet Ramey and Brian Fox:
;; "A `#' begins a comment when it is unquoted and at the beginning of a
;; word. In the shell, words are separated by metacharacters."
;; To do this in a regexp would be slow as it would be anchored to the right.
;; But I can't be bothered to write a function to do it properly and
;; efficiently. So we only do it properly for `#' in variable references and
;; do it efficiently by anchoring the regexp to the left.
'(("\\${?[^}#\n\t ]*\\(##?\\)" 1 (1 . nil))))
;; mode-command and utility functions
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