Commit 87046df8 authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì
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Two bug corrections and a new feature for etags.

parent 402b32b5
2002-08-27 Francesco Potorti` <>
* etags.c (Ada_funcs): Do not tag "use type Xxxx;".
* etags.c: New language HTML.
(make_tag): Never generate null length tag names.
(linebuffer_init): Renamed from initbuffer. All callers changed.
(pattern): Structure renamed to `regexp', member regex renamed to
(node_st): Member pat renamed to regex.
(pattern); New member force_explicit_name, for future use. Now
always set to true, cannot be reset.
(add_regex, regex_tag_multiline, readline): Use it.
(main): Free some global structures.
* etags.c (fdesc): New member `written'.
(readline, process_file): Initialise it.
(put_entries): Set it.
(main): Use it to create entries for files without tags.
(total_size_of_entries): Do not count invalid tags.
(etags_strcasecmp): Like BSD's, for compatibility.
(strcaseeq): Make it into a macro.
2002-08-19 Stefan Monnier <>
* make-docfile.c (scan_keyword_or_put_char, write_c_args): Use `fn'
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