Commit 8725c792 authored by David Ponce's avatar David Ponce

Mention recentf-keep.

parent bbcb3b44
......@@ -933,16 +933,18 @@ The recent file list is now automatically cleanup when recentf mode is
enabled. The new option `recentf-auto-cleanup' controls when to do
automatic cleanup.
The `recentf-keep' option replaces `recentf-keep-non-readable-files-p'
and provides a more general mechanism to customize which file names to
keep in the recent list.
With the more advanced option: `recentf-filename-handler', you can
specify a function that transforms filenames handled by recentf. For
example, if set to `file-truename', the same file will not be in the
recent list with different symbolic links.
To follow naming convention, `recentf-keep-non-readable-files-flag'
and `recentf-menu-append-commands-flag' respectively replace the
misnamed options `recentf-keep-non-readable-files-p' and
`recentf-menu-append-commands-p'. The old names remain available as
aliases, but have been marked obsolete.
To follow naming convention, `recentf-menu-append-commands-flag'
replaces the misnamed option `recentf-menu-append-commands-p'. The
old name remains available as alias, but has been marked obsolete.
** The default for the paper size (variable ps-paper-type) is taken
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