Commit 872edde5 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(list-hebrew-diary-entries): Doc fix.

parent 2b79de59
......@@ -517,7 +517,7 @@ nil if it is not visible in the current calendar window."
Hebrew date diary entries must be prefaced by `hebrew-diary-entry-symbol'
\(normally an `H'). The same diary date forms govern the style
of the Hebrew calendar entries, except that the Hebrew month
names must be spelled in full. The Hebrew months are numbered
names cannot be abbreviated. The Hebrew months are numbered
from 1 to 13 with Nisan being 1, 12 being Adar I and 13 being
Adar II; you must use `Adar I' if you want Adar of a common
Hebrew year. If a Hebrew date diary entry begins with
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