Commit 8748ecc0 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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Change entries for string-rectangle and alike.

parent 35f901fa
......@@ -869,11 +869,10 @@ All these functions have been rewritten to avoid inserting unwanted
spaces, and an optional prefix now allows them to behave the old way.
There is a new command M-x replace-rectangle.
** The function `replace-rectangle' is an alias for `string-rectangle'.
** `C-x r t' (string-rectangle) no longer deletes the existing
rectangle contents before inserting the specified string on each line.
The `replace-rectangle' command can be used if deletion is required.
** The new command M-x string-insert-rectangle is like `string-rectangle',
but inserts text instead of replacing it.
** The new command M-x query-replace-regexp-eval acts like
query-replace-regexp, but takes a Lisp expression which is evaluated
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