Commit 87503791 authored by Leo Liu's avatar Leo Liu
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* simple.el (read--expression): Don't enable eldoc-mode.

parent 2fb6d9c6
2014-01-21 Leo Liu <>
* simple.el (read--expression): Don't enable eldoc-mode.
2014-01-20 Stefan Monnier <>
* simple.el (move-beginning-of-line): Make sure we don't move forward
......@@ -1387,7 +1387,6 @@ display the result of expression evaluation."
(lambda ()
(add-hook 'completion-at-point-functions
#'lisp-completion-at-point nil t)
(eldoc-mode 1)
(run-hooks 'eval-expression-minibuffer-setup-hook))
(read-from-minibuffer prompt initial-contents
read-expression-map t
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