Commit 8763553f authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

New arg for `read-event', `read-char', and `read-char-exclusive'

parent c1c3d4f7
......@@ -4408,6 +4408,12 @@ name handlers. This will be exploited for remote files mainly.
** Input changes:
*** The functions `read-event', `read-char', and `read-char-exclusive'
have a new optional argument SECONDS. If non-nil, this specifies a
maximum time to wait for input, in seconds. If no input arrives after
this time elapses, the functions stop waiting and return nil.
*** An interactive specification can now use the code letter 'U' to get
the up-event that was discarded in case the last key sequence read for a
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