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Clarify emacsclient Options node in the Emacs manual

* doc/emacs/misc.texi (emacsclient Options): Don't claim that
emacsclient searches for a socket name (bug#13319).
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......@@ -2031,7 +2031,7 @@ evaluation performed is for side-effect rather than result.
Connect to the Emacs server named @var{server-name}. (This option is
not supported on MS-Windows.) The server name is given by the
variable @code{server-name} on the Emacs server. If this option is
omitted, @command{emacsclient} connects to the first server it finds.
omitted, @command{emacsclient} connects to the default socket.
If you set @code{server-name} of the Emacs server to an absolute file
name, give the same absolute file name as @var{server-name} to this
option to instruct @command{emacsclient} to connect to that server.
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