Commit 87a0fbbe authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(face-set-after-frame-default): Recalculate face customizations after

applying X resources.
parent 0e160a95
......@@ -1791,7 +1791,11 @@ Initialize colors of certain faces from frame parameters."
(face-spec-set face (face-user-default-spec face) frame)
(internal-merge-in-global-face face frame)
(if (memq window-system '(x w32 mac))
(make-face-x-resource-internal face frame)))
(make-face-x-resource-internal face frame))
;; If the user has customized the face, don't let X
;; resources override the customizations.
(if (get face 'theme-face)
(custom-theme-recalc-face face)))
(error nil)))
;; Apply the attributes specified by frame parameters. This
;; rewrites parameters changed by make-face-x-resource-internal
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