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Isearch lazy highlight

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......@@ -377,9 +377,32 @@ copy directories recursively.
** The variable mail-specify-envelope-from controls whether to
use the -f option when sending mail.
** In Isearch mode, mouse-2 in the echo area now yanks the current
** Isearch changes
*** In Isearch mode, mouse-2 in the echo area now yanks the current
selection into the search string rather than giving an error.
*** There is a new lazy highlighting feature in incremental search.
Lazy highlighting is activated by customizing variable
`isearch-lazy-highlight'. When active, all matches for the current
search string are highlighted. The current match is highlighted as
before using face `isearch' or `region'. All other matches are
highlighted using face `isearch-lazy-highlight-face' which defaults to
The extra highlighting makes it easier to anticipate where the cursor
will end up each time you press C-s or C-r to repeat a pending search.
Highlighting of these additional matches happens in a deferred fashion
using "idle timers," so the cycles needed do not rob isearch of its
usual snappy response.
If `isearch-lazy-highlight-cleanup' is set to t, highlights for
matches are automatically cleared when you end the search. If it is
set to nil, you can remove the highlights manually with `M-x
** Ange-ftp allows you to specify of a port number in remote file
names cleanly. It is appended to the host name, separated by a hash
sign, e.g. `/'. (This syntax comes from EFS.)
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