Commit 87e1e9cd authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles-minutes, diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles):

Move here from solar.el and rename.  Doc fix.  Keep old name as alias.
(solar-setup, solar-sunrise-sunset, calendar-latitude)
(calendar-longitude, calendar-time-zone): Declare for compiler.
parent 97f35570
......@@ -34,6 +34,18 @@
(require 'calendar)
(defcustom diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles-minutes 18
"Number of minutes before sunset for sabbath candle lighting.
Used by `diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles'."
:group 'diary
:type 'integer
:version "21.1")
(define-obsolete-variable-alias 'diary-sabbath-candles-minutes
'diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles-minutes "23.1")
;; End of user options.
(defun calendar-hebrew-leap-year-p (year)
"Non-nil if YEAR is a Hebrew calendar leap year."
(< (% (1+ (* 7 year)) 19) 7))
......@@ -1112,6 +1124,42 @@ use when highlighting the day in the calendar."
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'diary-parasha 'diary-hebrew-parasha "23.1")
(declare-function solar-setup "solar" ())
(declare-function solar-sunrise-sunset "solar" (date))
(defvar calendar-latitude)
(defvar calendar-longitude)
(defvar calendar-time-zone)
;; To be called from list-sexp-diary-entries, where DATE is bound.
(defun diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles (&optional mark)
"Local time of candle lighting diary entry--applies if date is a Friday.
No diary entry if there is no sunset on that date. Uses
An optional parameter MARK specifies a face or single-character string to
use when highlighting the day in the calendar."
(require 'solar)
(or (and calendar-latitude calendar-longitude calendar-time-zone)
(if (= (% (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian date) 7) 5) ; Friday
(let* ((sunset (cadr (solar-sunrise-sunset date)))
(light (if sunset
(cons (- (car sunset)
(/ diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles-minutes 60.0))
(cdr sunset)))))
(if sunset
(cons mark
(format "%s Sabbath candle lighting"
(apply 'solar-time-string light)))))))
(define-obsolete-function-alias 'diary-sabbath-candles
'diary-hebrew-sabbath-candles "23.1")
(provide 'cal-hebrew)
;; arch-tag: aaab6718-7712-42ac-a32d-28fe1f944f3c
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