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ChangeLog entries for tumme.el.

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2006-02-07 Mathias Dahl <>
* tumme.el (tumme-get-thumbnail-image): Added this utility
function on request from Chong Yidong.
(tumme-dired-with-window-configuration): Renamed `tumme-dired' to
this. Added code to save window configuration.
(tumme-restore-window-configuration): New command to restore the
window confguration that `tumme-dired-with-window-configuration'
saves before it changes the window confguration.
(tumme-show-all-from-dir): New command to mirror what `thumbs' in
thumbs.el does, which is to automatically display thumbnails for
all files in a directory entered by the user.
(tumme-display-thumbs): Added call to `pop-to-buffer' after all
thumbnails have been created.
(tumme-display-thumbnail-original-image): Added call to
Removed obsolete test function.
2006-02-07 Juanma Barranquero <>
* tumme.el (tumme-get-thumbnail-image): Add missing arg to `error'.
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