Commit 880b0421 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Expressions): Delete C-M-DEL.

parent fcc91da6
......@@ -677,8 +677,6 @@ Move forward over a balanced expression (@code{forward-sexp}).
Move backward over a balanced expression(@code{backward-sexp}).
@item C-M-k
Kill balanced expression forward (@code{kill-sexp}).
@item C-M-@key{DEL}
Kill balanced expression backward (@code{backward-kill-sexp}).
@item C-M-t
Transpose expressions (@code{transpose-sexps}).
@item C-M-@@
......@@ -725,17 +723,9 @@ opposite direction.
@cindex killing expressions
@kindex C-M-k
@findex kill-sexp
@kindex C-M-DEL
@findex backward-kill-sexp
Killing a whole balanced expression can be done with @kbd{C-M-k}
(@code{kill-sexp}) or @kbd{C-M-@key{DEL}} (@code{backward-kill-sexp}).
@kbd{C-M-k} kills the characters that @kbd{C-M-f} would move over, and
@kbd{C-M-@key{DEL}} kills the characters that @kbd{C-M-b} would move
over. On some machines, @kbd{C-M-@key{DEL}} typed on the console is a
command to reboot; when that is so, you cannot use it as an Emacs
command. This conflict is rare, though: usually the @key{DEL} key for
Emacs is really @key{BACKSPACE}, and the reboot command is
@kbd{C-M-@key{DELETE}}, so there is no conflict.
(@code{kill-sexp}). @kbd{C-M-k} kills the characters that @kbd{C-M-f}
would move over.
@cindex transposition of expressions
@kindex C-M-t
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