Commit 880c345e authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(help-make-xrefs): Don't make hyperlinks for incorrect coding systems.

parent 9941d4c7
......@@ -1134,7 +1134,7 @@ that."
(sym (intern-soft data)))
((match-string 3) ; coding system
(and (coding-system-p sym)
(and sym (coding-system-p sym)
5 #'describe-coding-system sym
"mouse-2, RET: describe this coding system")))
......@@ -1143,7 +1143,7 @@ that."
5 #'describe-input-method data
"mouse-2, RET: describe this input method")))
((coding-system-p sym)
((and sym (coding-system-p sym))
5 #'describe-coding-system sym
"mouse-2, RET: describe this coding system"))
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