Commit 8819154c authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Emulation): pc-selection-mode is now a toggle.

parent 5e101746
......@@ -2029,7 +2029,7 @@ to beginning and end of buffer and @kbd{C-Escape} does
@cindex PC Selection minor mode
@cindex mode, PC selection
@cindex selection, PC
The command @kbd{M-x pc-selection-mode} enables a global minor mode
The command @kbd{M-x pc-selection-mode} toggles a global minor mode
that emulates the mark, copy, cut and paste commands of various other
systems---an interface known as CUA. It establishes the key bindings
of PC mode, and also modifies the bindings of the cursor keys and the
......@@ -2045,6 +2045,9 @@ the region over which they move. The copy, cut and paste functions
are available on @kbd{C-insert}, @kbd{S-delete} and @kbd{S-insert}
Turning @code{pc-selection-mode} off restores the old key bindings of
these keys.
@cindex s-region package
The @code{s-region} package provides similar, but less complete,
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