Commit 881fd7eb authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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Cosmetic changes.

parent 7c4b8f8c
......@@ -173,8 +173,8 @@ Called with region narrowed to the message, including headers.")
;; On some systems the time zone can appear after the year, too.
;; I'm not sure what this is.
"\\(remote from [^\n]*\\)?"
;; Old uucp cruft.
"\\(remote from .*\\)?"
......@@ -1686,8 +1686,9 @@ Deleted messages stay in the file until the \\[rmail-expunge] command is given."
(let* ((omax (- (buffer-size) (point-max)))
(omin (- (buffer-size) (point-min)))
(opoint (if (and (> rmail-current-message 0)
(= ?D (aref rmail-deleted-vector rmail-current-message)))
0 (- (point) (point-min))))
(rmail-message-deleted-p rmail-current-message))
(- (point) (point-min))))
(messages-head (cons (aref rmail-message-vector 0) nil))
(messages-tail messages-head)
;; Don't make any undo records for the expunging.
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