Commit 88215d24 authored by Eric Abrahamsen's avatar Eric Abrahamsen

Make gnus-newsgroup-name local var available to gnus-summary-mode

* lisp/gnus/gnus-sum.el (gnus-summary-mode-group): New defvar for
  passing gnus-newsgroup-name (a local variable) into the body of
  gnus-summary-mode, so that it's available to gnus-summary-mode-hook.
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......@@ -3064,6 +3064,7 @@ The following commands are available:
(let ((gnus-summary-local-variables gnus-newsgroup-variables))
(setq gnus-newsgroup-name gnus-summary-mode-group)
(when (gnus-visual-p 'summary-menu 'menu)
......@@ -3457,6 +3458,11 @@ display only a single character."
(defvar gnus-summary-mode-group nil
"Variable for communication with `gnus-summary-mode'.
Allows the `gnus-newsgroup-name' local variable to be set before
the summary mode hooks are run.")
(defun gnus-summary-setup-buffer (group)
"Initialize summary buffer for GROUP.
This function does all setup work that relies on the specific
......@@ -3476,10 +3482,10 @@ Returns non-nil if the setup was successful."
(not gnus-newsgroup-prepared))
(set-buffer (gnus-get-buffer-create buffer))
(setq gnus-summary-buffer (current-buffer))
(let ((gnus-summary-mode-group group))
(when (gnus-group-quit-config group)
(set (make-local-variable 'gnus-single-article-buffer) nil))
(setq gnus-newsgroup-name group)
;; These functions don't currently depend on GROUP, but might in
;; the future.
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