Commit 8822bfb6 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(te-process-output): Use walk-windows instead of

cycling through windows with next-window.
parent f9cc39a1
......@@ -991,11 +991,10 @@ move to start of new line, clear to end of line."
;; preemptible output! Oh my!!
(throw 'te-process-output t)))))
;; We must update window-point in every window displaying our buffer
(let* ((s (selected-window))
(w s))
(while (not (eq s (setq w (next-window w))))
(if (eq (window-buffer w) (current-buffer))
(set-window-point w (point))))))
(walk-windows (lambda (w)
(when (and (not (eq w (selected-window)))
(eq (window-buffer w) (current-buffer)))
(set-window-point w (point))))))
(defun te-get-char ()
(if (cdr te-pending-output)
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