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Changes to support :script/:lang/:otf in NS font driver.

	* nsfont.m (nsfont_escape_name, nsfont_unescape_name)
	(nsfont_get_family, nsfont_char_width): Rename to ns_ prefix to
	indicate not part of font driver interface, and change callers.
	(ns_get_family): Remove pointless null check.
	(nsfont_spec_to_traits, nsfont_fmember_to_entity): Replace with
	ns_spec_to_descriptor, ns_descriptor_to_entity.
	(nsfont_trait_distance, nsfont_make_fontset_for_font): Remove.
	(ns_attribute_value, ns_attribute_fvalue, ns_has_attribute)
	(ns_spec_to_descriptor, ns_descriptor_to_entity)
	(ns_charset_covers, ns_lang_to_script, ns_otf_to_script)
	(ns_get_req_script, ns_accumulate_script_ranges)
	(ns_script_to_charset, ns_get_covering_families, ns_findfonts):
	New functions.
	(nsfont_list, nsfont_match): Use ns_findfonts.
	(nsfont_open): Use font descriptor instead of traits.
	(nsfont_draw): Handle "automatic" (lookup-table) compositions.
	(dump_glyphstring): Rename to ns_dump_glyphstring.
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