Commit 8862b0db authored by Simon Marshall's avatar Simon Marshall
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Change so font-lock-make-faces doesn't stomp all over user Font Lock faces.

parent 7079aefa
......@@ -215,12 +215,10 @@ Resources can be used to over-ride these face attributes. For example, the
resource `Emacs.font-lock-comment-face.attributeUnderline' can be used to
specify the UNDERLINE-P attribute for face `font-lock-comment-face'.")
(defvar font-lock-make-faces-done nil
"Non-nil if have already set up the faces for Font Lock mode.")
(defun font-lock-make-faces ()
(defun font-lock-make-faces (&optional override)
"Make faces from `font-lock-face-attributes'.
A default list is used if this is nil.
If optional OVERRIDE is non-nil, faces that already exist are reset.
See `font-lock-make-face' and `list-faces-display'."
;; We don't need to `setq' any of these variables, but the user can see what
;; is being used if we do.
......@@ -299,8 +297,16 @@ See `font-lock-make-face' and `list-faces-display'."
(font-lock-variable-name-face "LightGoldenrod")
(font-lock-type-face "PaleGreen")
(font-lock-reference-face "Aquamarine")))))))
(mapcar 'font-lock-make-face font-lock-face-attributes)
(setq font-lock-make-faces-done t))
;; Now make the faces if we have to.
(mapcar (function (lambda (face-attributes)
(let ((face (nth 0 face-attributes)))
(if (and (not override) (facep face))
;; The face exists. Only set the variable if it's nil.
(if (or (not (boundp face)) (symbol-value face))
(set face face))
;; The face doesn't exist or we can stomp all over it anyway.
(font-lock-make-face face-attributes)))))
(defun font-lock-make-face (face-attributes)
"Make a face from FACE-ATTRIBUTES.
......@@ -939,8 +945,7 @@ This does a lot more highlighting.")
Sets `font-lock-keywords', `font-lock-no-comments', `font-lock-syntax-table'
and `font-lock-keywords-case-fold-search' using `font-lock-defaults-alist'."
;; Set face defaults.
(or font-lock-make-faces-done
;; Set fontification defaults.
(or font-lock-keywords
(let ((defaults (or font-lock-defaults
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