Commit 88762b40 authored by Gary Fredericks's avatar Gary Fredericks Committed by Martin Rudalics

Run 'window--adjust-process-windows' when frame size changes (Bug#32720)

* lisp/window.el (window-size-change-functions): Run
'window--adjust-process-windows' from
'window-size-change-functions' too (Bug#32720, "another issue"
in Bug#33230).

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent d6542ea0
......@@ -9288,6 +9288,8 @@ displaying that processes's buffer."
(set-process-window-size process (cdr size) (car size))))))))))
(add-hook 'window-configuration-change-hook 'window--adjust-process-windows)
(add-hook 'window-size-change-functions (lambda (_frame)
;; Some of these are in tutorial--default-keys, so update that if you
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