Commit 8877fa6f authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(byte-compile-and-recursion): New function.

(byte-compile-and): Use byte-compile-and-recursion.
parent 3c54e8f1
......@@ -3448,12 +3448,19 @@ warnings during execution of BODY."
(args (cdr form)))
(if (null args)
(byte-compile-form-do-effect t)
(while (cdr args)
(byte-compile-form (car args))
(byte-compile-and-recursion args failtag))))
;; Handle compilation of a multi-argument `and' call.
;; We use tail recursion so we can use byte-compile-maybe-guarded.
(defun byte-compile-and-recursion (rest failtag)
(if (cdr rest)
(byte-compile-form (car rest))
(byte-compile-goto-if nil for-effect failtag)
(setq args (cdr args)))
(byte-compile-form-do-effect (car args))
(byte-compile-out-tag failtag))))
(byte-compile-maybe-guarded (car rest)
(byte-compile-and-recursion (cdr rest) failtag)))
(byte-compile-form-do-effect (car rest))
(byte-compile-out-tag failtag)))
(defun byte-compile-or (form)
(let ((wintag (byte-compile-make-tag))
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