Commit 88827614 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Fix GC threshold typo

Problem reported by Eli Zaretskii (Bug#37006#25).
* src/alloc.c (garbage_collect_1): Fix typo in threshold calc.
Go back to dividing by 10 since the numerator’s a constant now.
Problem introduced in 2019-07-21T02:40:03Z!
parent c0e720cd
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......@@ -5932,8 +5932,8 @@ garbage_collect_1 (struct gcstat *gcst)
consing_until_gc = memory_full_cons_threshold;
intptr_t threshold = min (max (GC_DEFAULT_THRESHOLD,
gc_cons_threshold >> 3),
intptr_t threshold = min (max (GC_DEFAULT_THRESHOLD / 10,
if (FLOATP (Vgc_cons_percentage))
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