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No resize-minibuffer.

(Window Convenience): New.
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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ one frame.
* Force Same Window:: Forcing certain buffers to appear in the selected
window rather than in another window.
* Change Window:: Deleting windows and changing their sizes.
* Window Convenience:: Convenience functions for window handling.
@end menu
@node Basic Window
......@@ -349,6 +350,49 @@ gives the extra lines to other windows in the frame.
You can also use @kbd{C-x +} (@code{balance-windows}) to even out the
heights of all the windows in the selected frame.
@xref{Minibuffer Edit}, for information about the Resize-Minibuffer
mode, which automatically changes the size of the minibuffer window to
fit the text in the minibuffer.
@node Window Convenience
@section Window Handling Convenience Features and Customization
@findex winner-mode
@vindex winner-mode
@cindex undoing window configuration changes
@cindex window configuration changes, undoing
@kbd{M-x winner-mode} provides a global minor mode that records the
changes in the window configuration (i.e. how the frames are partitioned
into windows) so that the changes can be `undone' using the command
@kbd{M-x winner-undo}, bound to @kbd{C-x left} by default. If you
change your mind (while undoing), you can use @kbd{M-x winner-redo}
(@kbd{C-x right}). You can also turn on Winner mode by customizing
@vindex scroll-all-mode
@findex scroll-all-mode
@cindex scrolling windows together
@kbd{M-x scroll-all-mode} provides commands to scroll all visible
windows together as in CRiSP/Brief emulation (@pxref{Emulation}). You
can also turn it on by customizing @code{scroll-all-mode}. The commands
provided are @kbd{M-x scroll-all-scroll-down-all}, @kbd{M-x
scroll-all-page-down-all} and their `up' equivalents. You would
probably want to bind these to appropriate keys.
@cindex Windmove package
@cindex directional window selection
The Windmove package provides commands to move directionally between
neighbouring windows in a frame. @kbd{M-x windmove-right} selects the
window immediately to the right of the currently-selected one and
similarly for the `left', `up' and `down' counterparts. @kbd{M-x
windmove-default-keybindings} binds these commands to @kbd{S-right}
etc. (These bindings will only work under a windowing system.)
@cindex Follow mode
@cindex windows, synchronizing
@cindex synchronizing windows
Follow minor mode (@kbd{M-x follow-mode}) synchronizes several windows
on the same buffer so that they always display adjacent sections of that
buffer. Also if point moves outside a window, another window displaying
that point is selected if possible, so that you can move between windows
with normal movement commands. You can use this facility, for instance,
to operate effectively with double the number of lines of a file visible
in a given screen height using side-by-side windows on the same buffer:
split the window with @kbd{C-x 3} and then use @kbd{M-x follow-mode} to
synchronize the windows.
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