Commit 88efeba6 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(remember_mouse_glyph): Simplify last change.

parent fa695dab
......@@ -2081,7 +2081,7 @@ remember_mouse_glyph (f, gx, gy, rect)
int gx, gy;
NativeRectangle *rect;
Lisp_Object window = Qnil;
Lisp_Object window;
struct window *w;
struct glyph_row *r, *gr, *end_row;
enum window_part part;
......@@ -2091,10 +2091,9 @@ remember_mouse_glyph (f, gx, gy, rect)
/* Try to determine frame pixel position and size of the glyph under
frame pixel coordinates X/Y on frame F. */
if (f->glyphs_initialized_p)
window = window_from_coordinates (f, gx, gy, &part, &x, &y, 0);
if (NILP (window))
if (!f->glyphs_initialized_p
|| (window = window_from_coordinates (f, gx, gy, &part, &x, &y, 0),
NILP (window)))
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