Commit 890d33d4 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(init_iterator): Compare with Vminibuf_selected_window

instead of Vminibuf_scroll_window when deciding in which window
the region should be highlighted.  Consequently, the region remains
highlighted even when a completion buffer is also displayed.
parent 68308635
......@@ -1582,8 +1582,8 @@ init_iterator (it, w, charpos, bytepos, row, base_face_id)
/* Or show the region if we are in the mini-buffer and W is
the window the mini-buffer refers to. */
|| (MINI_WINDOW_P (XWINDOW (selected_window))
&& WINDOWP (Vminibuf_scroll_window)
&& w == XWINDOW (Vminibuf_scroll_window))))
&& WINDOWP (Vminibuf_selected_window)
&& w == XWINDOW (Vminibuf_selected_window))))
int charpos = marker_position (current_buffer->mark);
it->region_beg_charpos = min (PT, charpos);
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