Commit 8910fe1d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

* src/fns.c (Fmapconcat): Doc fix. (Bug#36418)

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......@@ -2496,7 +2496,7 @@ DEFUN ("mapconcat", Fmapconcat, Smapconcat, 3, 3, 0,
In between each pair of results, stick in SEPARATOR. Thus, " " as
SEPARATOR results in spaces between the values returned by FUNCTION.
SEQUENCE may be a list, a vector, a bool-vector, or a string.
SEPARATOR must be a string.
SEPARATOR must be a string, a vector, or a list of characters.
FUNCTION must be a function of one argument, and must return a value
that is a sequence of characters: either a string, or a vector or
list of numbers that are valid character codepoints. */)
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