Commit 891eb3fe authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(x-defined-colors): Take frame as optional arg.

Check whether colors are really supported on the display in use.
parent 7c49006b
......@@ -490,17 +490,20 @@ This returns ARGS with the arguments that have been processed removed."
"green yellow"
"The full list of X colors from the rgb.text file.")
"The full list of X colors from the `rgb.text' file.")
(defun x-defined-colors ()
"Return a list of colors supported by the current X-Display."
(defun x-defined-colors (&optional frame)
"Return a list of colors supported for a particular frame.
The argument FRAME specifies which frame to try.
The value may be different for frames on different X displays."
(or frame (setq frame (selected-frame)))
(let ((all-colors x-colors)
(this-color nil)
(defined-colors nil))
(while all-colors
(setq this-color (car all-colors)
all-colors (cdr all-colors))
(and (x-color-defined-p this-color)
(and (face-color-supported-p frame this-color t)
(setq defined-colors (cons this-color defined-colors))))
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