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(Mail Methods): Fix xref to Message manual.

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......@@ -687,7 +687,7 @@ message into outgoing mail. To do this, add
and sending mail---Mail mode. Emacs has alternative facilities for
editing and sending mail, including
MH-E and Message mode, not documented in this manual.
@xref{Top,,MH-E,mh-e, The Emacs Interface to MH}. @xref{Top,,,message,
@xref{Top,,MH-E,mh-e, The Emacs Interface to MH}. @xref{Top,,Message,message,
Message Manual}. You can choose any of them as your preferred method.
The commands @code{C-x m}, @code{C-x 4 m} and @code{C-x 5 m} use
whichever agent you have specified, as do various other Emacs commands
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