Commit 893c5129 authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì
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Corrected my family name (it has a grave accent on the last vowel).

parent b04f7626
......@@ -496,8 +496,8 @@ Florian Weimer (changed) mml.el
Florian Weimer (changed) nnultimate.el
Florian Weimer (changed) qp.el
Florian Weimer (changed) rfc2047.el
Francesco Potorti (changed) [more than 20 files]
Francesco Potorti (wrote) cmacexp.el
Francesco Potort,Al(B (changed) [more than 20 files]
Francesco Potort,Al(B (wrote) cmacexp.el
Francis J. Wright (wrote) woman.el
Francis Litterio (changed) gnus-group.el
Francis Litterio (changed) saveplace.el
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