Commit 893d44a1 authored by Yoshiaki Kasahara's avatar Yoshiaki Kasahara Committed by Chong Yidong
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Fix init_buffer for USE_MMAP_FOR_BUFFERS case (backport from trunk)

* buffer.c (init_buffer) [USE_MMAP_FOR_BUFFERS]: Adjust to
aliasing change.
parent c3fae8e7
2012-01-18 Yoshiaki Kasahara <> (tiny change)
* buffer.c (init_buffer) [USE_MMAP_FOR_BUFFERS]: Adjust to
aliasing change.
2012-01-15 YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu <>
* xftfont.c (xftfont_draw): Use the font metrics of s->font to
......@@ -5338,7 +5338,7 @@ init_buffer ()
Map new memory. */
struct buffer *b;
for (b = all_buffers; b; b = b->next)
for (b = all_buffers; b; b = b->
if (b->text->beg == NULL)
enlarge_buffer_text (b, 0);
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