Commit 898169a2 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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Add the switch statement to AWK Mode.

parent 13d49cbb
2011-12-13 Alan Mackenzie <>
Add the switch statement to AWK Mode.
* progmodes/cc-awk (awk-font-lock-keywords): Add "switch", "case",
"default" to the keywords regexp.
* progmodes/cc-langs (c-label-kwds): Let AWK take the same
expression as the rest.
(c-nonlabel-token-key): Allow string literals for AWK. Refactor
for the other modes.
Large brace-block initialisation makes CC Mode slow: Fix.
Tidy up and accelerate c-in-literal, etc. by using the
......@@ -894,9 +894,9 @@ std\\(err\\|in\\|out\\)\\|user\\)\\)\\>\
;; Keywords.
(concat "\\<"
'("BEGIN" "END" "break" "continue" "delete" "do" "else"
"exit" "for" "getline" "if" "in" "next" "nextfile"
"return" "while")
'("BEGIN" "END" "break" "case" "continue" "default" "delete"
"do" "else" "exit" "for" "getline" "if" "in" "next"
"nextfile" "return" "switch" "while")
t) "\\>")
;; Builtins.
......@@ -2242,8 +2242,7 @@ This construct is \"<keyword> <expression> :\"."
(c-lang-defconst c-label-kwds
"Keywords introducing colon terminated labels in blocks."
t '("case" "default")
awk nil)
t '("case" "default"))
(c-lang-defconst c-label-kwds-regexp
;; Adorned regexp matching any keyword that introduces a label.
......@@ -2998,18 +2997,19 @@ neither in a statement nor in a declaration context. The regexp is
tested at the beginning of every sexp in a suspected label,
i.e. before \":\". Only used if `c-recognize-colon-labels' is set."
t (concat
;; Don't allow string literals.
;; All keywords except `c-label-kwds' and `c-protection-kwds'.
(c-make-keywords-re t
(set-difference (c-lang-const c-keywords)
(append (c-lang-const c-label-kwds)
(c-lang-const c-protection-kwds))
:test 'string-equal)))
;; Don't allow string literals, except in AWK. Character constants are OK.
(c objc java pike idl) (concat "\"\\|"
(c-lang-const c-nonlabel-token-key))
;; Also check for open parens in C++, to catch member init lists in
;; constructors. We normally allow it so that macros with arguments
;; work in labels.
c++ (concat "\\s\(\\|" (c-lang-const c-nonlabel-token-key)))
c++ (concat "\\s\(\\|\"\\|" (c-lang-const c-nonlabel-token-key)))
(c-lang-defvar c-nonlabel-token-key (c-lang-const c-nonlabel-token-key))
(c-lang-defconst c-nonlabel-token-2-key
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