Commit 89a4488f authored by Andrii Kolomoiets's avatar Andrii Kolomoiets Committed by Eli Zaretskii

Ensure buffer is alive in python-pdbtrack-unset-tracked-buffer

* lisp/progmodes/python.el (python-pdbtrack-unset-tracked-buffer):
Check if buffer `python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer' is alive.
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...@@ -3832,10 +3832,10 @@ Returns the tracked buffer." ...@@ -3832,10 +3832,10 @@ Returns the tracked buffer."
(defun python-pdbtrack-unset-tracked-buffer () (defun python-pdbtrack-unset-tracked-buffer ()
"Untrack currently tracked buffer." "Untrack currently tracked buffer."
(when python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer (when (buffer-live-p python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer)
(with-current-buffer python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer (with-current-buffer python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer
(set-marker overlay-arrow-position nil)) (set-marker overlay-arrow-position nil)))
(setq python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer nil))) (setq python-pdbtrack-tracked-buffer nil))
(defun python-pdbtrack-tracking-finish () (defun python-pdbtrack-tracking-finish ()
"Finish tracking." "Finish tracking."
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