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Comment change.

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......@@ -676,7 +676,7 @@ The truename of a file name is found by chasing symbolic links
both at the level of the file and at the level of the directories
containing it, until no links are left at any level.
\(fn FILENAME)" ;; Don't document the optional arguments.
;; COUNTER and PREV-DIRS are only used in recursive calls.
;; COUNTER can be a cons cell whose car is the count of how many
;; more links to chase before getting an error.
......@@ -1120,9 +1120,13 @@ on the left of the dialog box and all following items on the right.
popped down (deactivated). This is used for x-popup-menu
and x-popup-dialog; it is not used for the menu bar.
If DO_TIMERS is nonzero, run timers.
If DOWN_ON_KEYPRESS is nonzero, pop down if a key is pressed.
This function used to have a DO_TIMERS argument which was
1 in the dialog case, and caused it to run Lisp-level timers.
That was unsafe so we removed it, but does anyone remember
why menus and dialogs were treated differently?
NOTE: All calls to popup_get_selection should be protected
with BLOCK_INPUT, UNBLOCK_INPUT wrappers. */
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