Commit 89c8dc6c authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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2001-05-28 Gerd Moellmann <>
* language/japan-util.el (japanese-hankaku): Prefer the charset
`jisx0201' when the optional argument `ascii-only' is not specified.
(japanese-hankaku-region): Ditto.
From Katsumi Yamaoka <>
2001-05-28 Eli Zaretskii <>
* cus-edit.el (custom-file): Fix last change.
2001-05-28 Gerd Moellmann <>
* termcap.c (speeds): Put in #if 0.
2001-05-18 Gerd Moellmann <>
* eval.c (call_debugger): Don't bind inhibit-eval-during-redisplay.
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