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Add section on Solaris out-of-tree install issues with non-GNU make.
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......@@ -2786,6 +2786,25 @@ with spaces in the value, eg --enable-locallisppath='/path/with\ spaces'.
Using directory paths with spaces is not supported at this time: you
must re-configure without using spaces.
*** On Solaris, use GNU Make when installing an out-of-tree build
The Emacs configuration process allows you to configure the
build environment so that you can build emacs in a directory
outside of the distribution tree. When installing Emacs from an
out-of-tree build directory on Solaris, you may need to use GNU
make. The make programs bundled with Solaris support the VPATH
macro but use it differently from the way the VPATH macro is
used by GNU make. The differences will cause the "make install"
step to fail, leaving you with an incomplete emacs
installation. GNU make is available in /usr/sfw/bin on Solaris
10 and can be installed as /opt/sfw/bin/gmake from the Solaris 9
Software Companion CDROM.
The problems due to the VPATH processing differences affect only
out of tree builds so, if you are on a Solaris installation
without GNU make, you can install Emacs completely by installing
from a build environment using the original emacs distribution tree.
** First execution
*** Emacs binary is not in executable format, and cannot be run.
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