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......@@ -168,6 +168,12 @@ together with the Emacs User Manual, into the Info directory.
change the `fill-column', `window-margins' and `tab-stop-list'
*** The reveal.el package provides the minor modes `reveal-mode' and
`global-reveal-mode' which will make text visible on the fly as you
move your cursor into hidden region of the buffer.
It should work with any package that uses overlays to hide parts
of a buffer, such as outline-minor-mode, hs-minor-mode, hide-ifdef-mode, ...
*** master-mode.el implements a minor mode for scrolling a slave
buffer without leaving your current buffer, the master buffer.
2001-11-27 Stefan Monnier <>
* reveal.el: New file.
* progmodes/hideif.el: Misc cleanup.
(hide-ifdef-mode-submap): Put the def in the defvar.
Use substitute-key-definition.
(hide-ifdef-mode): Use define-minor-mode.
(hif-outline-flag-region): Remove.
(hif-show-all): Define in terms of hif-show-ifdef-region.
(hif-after-revert-function): Rename from hif-before-revert-function.
(hide-ifdef-region, hif-show-ifdef-region): Use overlays.
(hif-tokenize): Use with-syntax-table.
(hif-make-range): Use `else' also for `else-p'.
(hif-range-else-p): Remove.
(hif-find-range): Simplify.
(hif-hide-line): Don't bother preserving buffer-modified-p.
(hide-ifdefs, show-ifdefs, hide-ifdef-block, show-ifdef-block):
Don't use selective-display and inhibit-read-only.
* subr.el (copy-overlay, remove-overlays): New funs.
* emacs-lisp/regexp-opt.el (regexp-opt-depth): Fix off-by-two error.
2001-11-27 Sam Steingold <>
* ansi-color.el, bookmark.el, dired.el, emerge.el, fast-lock.el
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