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This file is not used because it occasionally fails to work. This
happens because the bss address when Emacs is run is not always the
same. If it happens to be different from what it was
when Emacs was dumped, the dumped data won't work.
No one has been able to prevent the address from varying.
The following comments should be in etc/MACHINES if this dumping
is ever made to work:
Note that Emacs can store the pure Lisp data in a shared segment on
this machine, but only if you put this command in one of the boot
emacs -batch -q
so that it is run as root when the machine is booted. This command
creates a read-only shared segment owned by root. Otherwise the
pure data is not shared. The pure data size is around 100K, which
may not be enough to matter for most users of this machine.
/* Dumping and loading data areas, for Emacs under AIX.
(It may also work on other kinds of system V.)
Copyright (C) 1990 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
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