Commit 8a2f763e authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/server.el (server-ensure-safe-dir): Revert part of b663c837

A non-cosmetic change that was mistakenly included.
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......@@ -535,16 +535,6 @@ Creates the directory if necessary and makes sure:
(cl-letf (((default-file-modes) ?\700)) (make-directory dir t))
(setq attrs (file-attributes dir 'integer)))
(let ((olddir (or (getenv "TMPDIR") "/tmp")))
(when (and (equal dir (format "%s/emacs" (getenv "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR")))
(file-writable-p olddir))
(let ((link (format "%s/emacs%d" olddir (user-uid))))
(unless (file-directory-p link)
;; We're using the new location, so try and setup a symlink from
;; the old location, in case we want to use an old emacsclient.
;; FIXME: Check that it's safe to use!
(make-symbolic-link dir link t)))))
;; Check that it's safe for use.
(let* ((uid (file-attribute-user-id attrs))
(w32 (eq system-type 'windows-nt))
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