Commit 8a33cf7b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(decode_coding_emacs_mule): Always set src_base at the

start of the while loop.
parent c25b53a2
......@@ -584,12 +584,11 @@ decode_coding_emacs_mule (coding, source, destination, src_bytes, dst_bytes)
unsigned char *src_base;
coding->produced_char = 0;
while (src < src_end)
while ((src_base = src) < src_end)
unsigned char tmp[MAX_MULTIBYTE_LENGTH], *p;
int bytes;
src_base = src;
if (UNIBYTE_STR_AS_MULTIBYTE_P (src, src_end - src, bytes))
p = src;
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