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Document functions which return display capabilities.

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......@@ -1780,6 +1780,18 @@ modify their color-related behavior.
The primitives `color-gray-p' and `color-supported-p' also work for
any frame type.
** Platform-independent functions to describe display capabilities.
The new functions `display-mouse-p', `display-popup-menus-p',
`display-graphic-p', `display-selections-p', `display-screens',
`display-pixel-width', `display-pixel-height', `display-mm-width',
`display-mm-height', `display-backing-store', `display-save-under',
`display-planes', `display-color-cells', `display-visual-class', and
`display-grayscale-p' describe the basic capabilities of a particular
display. Lisp programs should call these functions instead of testing
the value of the variables `window-system' or `system-type', or calling
platform-specific functions such as `x-display-pixel-width'.
** The minibuffer prompt is now actually inserted in the minibuffer.
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