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......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ On 32bit machines, it is now 256M (i.e. 268435455).
** You can now switch buffers in a cyclic order with C-x C-left
(previous-buffer) and C-x C-right (next-buffer). C-x left and
(previous-buffer) and C-x C-right (next-buffer). C-x left and
C-x right can be used as well. The functions keep a different buffer
cycle for each frame, using the frame-local buffer list.
......@@ -4426,6 +4426,8 @@ create a stream or datagram server inside emacs.
- Datagram connection is selected using :type 'datagram arg.
- A server can open on a random port using :service t arg.
- Local sockets are supported using :family 'local arg.
- IPv6 is supported (when available). You may explicitly select IPv6
using :family 'ipv6 arg.
- Non-blocking connect is supported using :nowait t arg.
- The process' property list can be initialized using :plist PLIST arg;
a copy of the server process' property list is automatically inherited
......@@ -4433,6 +4435,7 @@ create a stream or datagram server inside emacs.
To test for the availability of a given feature, use featurep like this:
(featurep 'make-network-process '(:type datagram))
(featurep 'make-network-process '(:family ipv6))
*** The old `open-network-stream' now uses `make-network-process'.
2006-01-04 Kim F. Storm <>
* wid-edit.el (key-sequence): Rework widget to read key binding
using `kbd' syntax. Use C-q to insert literal key, event, or code.
(widget-key-sequence-default-value): Default value for empty sequence.
(widget-key-sequence-map): New map for reading key binding. Bind C-q.
(widget-key-sequence-read-event): New command for C-q.
(widget-key-sequence-validate, widget-key-sequence-value-to-internal)
(widget-key-sequence-value-to-external): New functions.
2006-01-03 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/flymake.el (flymake-create-temp-with-folder-structure):
2006-01-04 Kim F. Storm <>
* processes.texi (Make Network): Add IPv6 addresses and handling.
(Network Feature Testing): Mention (:family ipv6).
(Misc Network): Add IPv6 formats to format-network-address.
2005-12-30 Richard M. Stallman <>
* text.texi (Changing Properties):
2006-01-04 Kim F. Storm <>
* process.c: Add IPv6 support.
(Qipv4, Qipv6): New vars.
(syms_of_process): Intern and staticpro them.
(Fformat_network_address): Handle 9 or 8 element vector as IPv6 address
with or without port number. Handle 4 element vector as IPv4 address
without port number.
(conv_sockaddr_to_lisp, get_lisp_to_sockaddr_size)
(conv_lisp_to_sockaddr): Handle IPv6 addresses.
(Fmake_network_process): Use :family 'ipv4 and 'ipv6 to explicitly
request that address family only. :family nil or omitted means to
determine address family from the specified :host and :service.
(ifflag_table): Add missing OpenBSD IFF_ flags.
(server_accept_connection): Handle IPv6 addresses.
(init_process): Add (:family ipv4) and (:family ipv6) sub-features.
* .gdbinit: Undo last change. Instead, look at Vsystem_type to
determine which breakpoints to set.
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