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nt/README.W32: Add information about GnuTLS libraries.

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2011-05-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* README.W32: Add information about GnuTLS libraries.
2011-05-09 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config.nt [_MSC_VER] (va_copy): Replacement for the MS compiler.
......@@ -147,6 +147,15 @@ See the end of the file for license conditions.
unreliable under Windows. See nt/INSTALL in the src distribution if
you wish to compile Emacs with SVG support.
* GnuTLS support
In order to support GnuTLS at runtime, Emacs must be able to find
the relevant DLLs during startup; failure to do so is not an error,
but GnuTLS won't be available to the running session.
You can get pre-built binaries (including any required DLL and the
gnutls.h file) and an installer at
* Uninstalling Emacs
If you should need to uninstall Emacs, simply delete all the files
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