Commit 8a798137 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Kevin Ryde <user42 at>

(ffap-rfc-directories): New variable.
(ffap-rfc): Look in those dirs before offering ffap-rfc-path.
parent 3a77346c
......@@ -956,12 +956,19 @@ If t, `ffap-tex-init' will initialize this when needed.")
(substring name 2))))
(defcustom ffap-rfc-directories nil
"A list of directories to look for RFC files.
If a given RFC isn't in these then `ffap-rfc-path' is offered."
:type '(repeat directory)
:group 'ffap)
(defvar ffap-rfc-path
(concat (ffap-host-to-filename "") "/in-notes/rfc%s.txt"))
(defun ffap-rfc (name)
(format ffap-rfc-path
(substring name (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1))))
(let ((num (match-string 1 name)))
(or (ffap-locate-file (format "rfc%s.txt" num) t ffap-rfc-directories)
(format ffap-rfc-path num))))
;;; At-Point Functions:
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