Commit 8a95fd64 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Remove references to deleted rmailhdr that was never in "trunk".

parent 2d51ab64
2009-01-22 Chong Yidong <>
* mail/rmailhdr.el: File removed.
* mail/rmailsum.el: (rmail-summary-expunge-and-save): Use
......@@ -47,8 +45,7 @@
(rmail-use-viewer-buffer): Fns deleted.
Other functions reordered but not changed.
* mail/rmailsort.el (rmailhdr): Don't require it.
(rmail-fetch-field): Function deleted.
* mail/rmailsort.el (rmail-fetch-field): Function deleted.
Callers use rmail-get-header.
(rmail-sort-messages): Replace point-offset with
return-to-point, which can be nil.
......@@ -210,8 +207,8 @@
(rmail-message-labels-p, rmail-message-recipients-p)
(rmail-message-regexp-p): Mark as broken.
* mail/rmailedit.el (rmailhdr): Don't require it.
(rmail-edit-current-message): Don't call rmail-header-show-headers.
* mail/rmailedit.el (rmail-edit-current-message): Don't call
(rmail-cease-edit): Force a blank line at end of edited message.
Call rmail-set-attribute properly.
Don't set buffer-read-only.
......@@ -344,7 +341,6 @@
* mail/rmailsort.el: Sync with rmailsort.el.
(rmail-sort-messages): Insert two newlines at the end of the
message if they do not exist.
(rmailhdr): Require rmailhdr.
* mail/rmailmm.el: Require mail-parse.
(rmail-mime-show): Don't use removed function
......@@ -505,15 +501,9 @@
2009-01-22 Paul Reilly <>
* mail/rmail.el, mail/rmaildesc.el, mail/rmailhdr.el, mail/rmailkwd.el:
* mail/rmailmm.el, mail/rmailmsc.el, mail/rmailsort.el:
* mail/rmailsum.el: Resolve all byte compiler warnings and enable
IMAP/movemail support.
2009-01-22 Henrik Enberg <>
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-add-header): Use delete-region instead
of kill-region.
* mail/rmail.el, mail/rmaildesc.el, mail/rmailkwd.el, mail/rmailmm.el:
* mail/rmailmsc.el, mail/rmailsort.el, mail/rmailsum.el:
Resolve all byte compiler warnings and enable IMAP/movemail support.
2009-01-22 Henrik Enberg <>
......@@ -549,9 +539,6 @@
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-narrow-to-header): Don't end error message with
a period.
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-get-limit): Don't end error message
with a period.
* mail/rmaildesc.el (rmail-desc-get-header-display-state): Make sure
whole header region is searched for overlays.
......@@ -661,10 +648,6 @@
* mail/rmailkwd.el (rmail-next-labeled-message):
Don't call rmail-maybe-set-message-counters. Use with-current-buffer.
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-hide-headers): Simplify.
(rmail-header-get-limit): Wrap in a save-excursion.
(rmail-header-display-state): Rename from rmail-header-display-mode.
2009-01-22 Henrik Enberg <>
* mail/rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-show-message): Reformat.
......@@ -708,10 +691,6 @@
setting up the variable bindings. No longer toggle visibility of
headers, because rmail-header-show-headers is no longer necessary.
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-get-header): Accept more arguments and
pass them to mail-fetch-field unchanged.
Bind inhibit-point-motion-hooks to t.
* mail/rmailsum.el (rmail-user-mail-address-regexp): Compute a default
value instead of assuming nil. Doc.
(rmail-summary-get-sender): Compare with rmail-user-mail-address-regexp
......@@ -791,15 +770,6 @@
* mail/rmaildesc.el (rmail-desc-set-attribute): Use
rmail-header-add-header instead of rmail-header-set-header.
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-attribute-header)
(rmail-header-keyword-header, rmail-header-get-limit): Doc.
(rmail-header-add-header): Add inhibit-point-motion-hooks and
buffer-undo-list bindings from rmail-header-set-header. I don't
know whether they are necessary, however.
(rmail-header-persist-attributes, rmail-header-set-header):
Delete. rmail-header-add-header does what rmail-header-set-header did,
except throw an error if the header was not found.
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-msgbeg, rmail-msgend): Fix and make obsolete.
(rmail-process-new-messages): Use mail-decode-encoded-word-string
on the subject. Requires mail-parse from Gnus.
......@@ -887,10 +857,6 @@
2009-01-22 Henrik Enberg <>
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-get-header): Rewrite to be a
convenience wrapper for mail-fetch-field.
(rmail-header-hide-headers): Simplify.
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-process-new-messages):
Use rmail-header-get-header instead of mail-fetch-field.
......@@ -908,14 +874,6 @@
(rmail-read-label): Possibly only ask for existing labels.
(rmail-set-label): Display labels at the end.
* mail/rmailhdr.el (rmail-header-get-limit): Rewrite macro as simple
(rmail-header-persist-attributes): Doc.
(rmail-header-add-header): Simplify the finding of the header.
Delete header if value is nil or "".
(rmail-header-remove-keyword): Delet stub. Removing can be
handled by calling `rmail-header-add-header' with value nil or "".
* mail/rmailedit.el (rmail-cease-edit): Bugfix.
* mail/rmaildesc.el: Remove require statements.
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