Commit 8a9be3ac authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(check_registry_encoding): This function deleted.

(Fset_fontset_font): Remove the adhoc condition for the default
fontset.  Allow cons in FONTNAME.
parent df2fbceb
......@@ -946,26 +946,6 @@ clear_fontset_elements (fontset)
/* Return 1 iff REGISTRY is a valid string as the font registry and
encoding. It is valid if it doesn't start with `-' and the number
of `-' in the string is at most 1. */
static int
check_registry_encoding (registry)
Lisp_Object registry;
unsigned char *str = XSTRING (registry)->data;
unsigned char *p = str;
int i;
if (!*p || *p++ == '-')
return 0;
for (i = 0; *p; p++)
if (*p == '-') i++;
return (i < 2);
/* Check validity of NAME as a fontset name and return the
corresponding fontset. If not valid, signal an error.
If NAME is t, return Vdefault_fontset. */
......@@ -993,9 +973,8 @@ CHARACTER may be a cons; (FROM . TO), where FROM and TO are\n\
non-generic characters. In that case, use FONTNAME\n\
for all characters in the range FROM and TO (inclusive).\n\
If NAME is t, an entry in the default fontset is modified.\n\
In that case, FONTNAME should be a registry and encoding name\n\
of a font for CHARACTER.")
FONTNAME may be a cons; (FAMILY . REGISTRY), where FAMILY is a family\n\
name of a font, REGSITRY is a registry name of a font.")
(name, character, fontname, frame)
Lisp_Object name, character, fontname, frame;
......@@ -1003,6 +982,7 @@ of a font for CHARACTER.")
Lisp_Object realized;
int from, to;
int id;
Lisp_Object family, registry;
fontset = check_fontset_name (name);
......@@ -1038,17 +1018,22 @@ of a font for CHARACTER.")
error ("Can't change font for a single byte character");
CHECK_STRING (fontname, 2);
fontname = Fdowncase (fontname);
if (EQ (fontset, Vdefault_fontset))
if (STRINGP (fontname))
if (!check_registry_encoding (fontname))
error ("Invalid registry and encoding name: %s",
XSTRING (fontname)->data);
elt = Fcons (make_number (from), Fcons (Qnil, fontname));
fontname = Fdowncase (fontname);
elt = Fcons (make_number (from), font_family_registry (fontname));
elt = Fcons (make_number (from), font_family_registry (fontname));
CHECK_CONS (fontname, 2);
family = XCAR (fontname);
registry = XCDR (fontname);
if (!NILP (family))
CHECK_STRING (family, 2);
if (!NILP (registry))
CHECK_STRING (registry, 2);
elt = Fcons (make_number (from), Fcons (family, registry));
/* The arg FRAME is kept for backward compatibility. We only check
the validity. */
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