Commit 8ae63446 authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington
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(rmail-message-filter): Fix custom type.

parent 735895f1
2007-02-24 John Paul Wallington <>
* mail/rmail.el (rmail-message-filter): Fix custom type.
2007-02-24 Eli Zaretskii <>
* startup.el (command-line): If simple.el cannot be found, proceed
......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ still the current message in the Rmail buffer.")
Called with region narrowed to the message, including headers,
before obeying `rmail-ignored-headers'."
:group 'rmail-headers
:type 'function)
:type '(choice (const nil) function))
(defcustom rmail-automatic-folder-directives nil
"List of directives specifying where to put a message.
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