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Spelling fixes.

* (.PHONY): versioclean -> versionclean.
parent 6bd1cda5
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ so we will look at it and add it to the manual.
* Installation Changes in Emacs 24.3
** New configure option '--without-all' to disable additonal features.
** New configure option '--without-all' to disable additional features.
This disables most of the features that are normally enabled by default.
** New configure option '--enable-link-time-optimization' to utilize
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@
(setq sn (math-to-underscores sn)))
;;; Give multiplication precendence when composing to avoid
;;; Give multiplication precedence when composing to avoid
;;; writing a*(b c) instead of a b c
(defun math-compose-expr (a prec &optional div)
(let ((calc-multiplication-has-precedence t)
......@@ -2531,7 +2531,7 @@ REQUEST is the invoking directive without the leading dot."
;; ((looking-at "[no]") (setq c t)) ; accept n(roff) and o(dd page)
;; ((looking-at "[te]") (setq c nil)) ; reject t(roff) and e(ven page)
;; Per groff ".if v" is recognised as false (it means -Tversatec).
;; Per groff ".if v" is recognized as false (it means -Tversatec).
((looking-at "[ntoev]")
(setq c (memq (following-char) woman-if-conditions-true)))
;; Unrecognized letter so reject:
2012-08-26 Paul Eggert <>
Spelling fixes.
* (.PHONY): versioclean -> versionclean.
Remove unused external symbols.
* data.c (Qcons, Qfloat, Qmisc, Qstring, Qvector):
* window.c (Qwindow_valid_p, decode_valid_window):
......@@ -502,7 +502,7 @@ doc.o: buildobj.h
.PHONY: mostlyclean clean bootstrap-clean distclean maintainer-clean
.PHONY: versioclean extraclean frc
.PHONY: versionclean extraclean frc
rm -f temacs$(EXEEXT) core *.core \#* *.o libXMenu11.a liblw.a
......@@ -4098,7 +4098,7 @@ symlink (char const *filename, char const *linkname)
dir_access = sys_access (filename, D_OK);
/* Since Windows distinguishes between symlinks to directories and
to files, we provide a kludgey feature: if FILENAME doesn't
to files, we provide a kludgy feature: if FILENAME doesn't
exist, but ends in a slash, we create a symlink to directory. If
FILENAME exists and is a directory, we always create a symlink to
directory. */
......@@ -4165,7 +4165,7 @@ symlink (char const *filename, char const *linkname)
whether the underlying volume actually supports symlinks, by
testing the FILE_SUPPORTS_REPARSE_POINTS bit in volume's flags, and
avoid the call to this function if it doesn't. That's because the
call to GetFileAttributes takes a non-negligible time, expecially
call to GetFileAttributes takes a non-negligible time, especially
on non-local or removable filesystems. See stat_worker for an
example of how to do that. */
static int
......@@ -2420,7 +2420,7 @@ remember_mouse_glyph (struct frame *f, int gx, int gy, NativeRectangle *rect)
static Lisp_Object
safe_eval_handler (Lisp_Object arg, ptrdiff_t nargs, Lisp_Object *args)
add_to_log ("Error during redisplay: %S signalled %S",
add_to_log ("Error during redisplay: %S signaled %S",
Flist (nargs, args), arg);
return Qnil;
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