Commit 8b379bbe authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov

Add file sorting options to find-dired and grep-find (bug#36110)

* lisp/find-dired.el (find-ls-option-default-ls)
(find-ls-option-default-exec, find-ls-option-default-xargs):
New variables for values used for options of 'find-ls-option'.
(find-ls-option): Use these variables for default values and options.
(find-dired-refine-function): Refine :type.

* lisp/progmodes/grep.el (grep-find-use-xargs): Use defcustom
instead of defvar.  Add new value 'gnu-sort'.
(grep-compute-defaults): Handle new 'gnu-sort' option of
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......@@ -592,6 +592,8 @@ remapped to these, respectively.
*** New customizable variable 'find-dired-refine-function'.
The default value is 'find-dired-sort-by-filename'.
*** New sorting options for the variable 'find-ls-option'.
** Change Logs and VC
*** Recording ChangeLog entries doesn't require an actual file.
......@@ -1112,6 +1114,8 @@ The abbreviation can be disabled by the new option
'grep-find-abbreviate'. The new command
'grep-find-toggle-abbreviation' toggles it interactively.
*** 'grep-find-use-xargs' is now customizable with sorting options.
** ERT
......@@ -51,19 +51,23 @@ than the latter."
:group 'find-dired
:type 'string)
(defvar find-ls-option-default-ls
(cons "-ls" (if (eq system-type 'berkeley-unix) "-gilsb" "-dilsb")))
(defvar find-ls-option-default-exec
(cons (format "-exec ls -ld {} %s" find-exec-terminator) "-ld"))
(defvar find-ls-option-default-xargs
(cons "-print0 | sort -z | xargs -0 -e ls -ld" "-ld"))
;; find's -ls corresponds to these switches.
;; Note -b, at least GNU find quotes spaces etc. in filenames
(defcustom find-ls-option
(if (eq 0
(process-file find-program nil nil nil null-device "-ls")))
(cons "-ls"
(if (eq system-type 'berkeley-unix)
(format "-exec ls -ld {} %s" find-exec-terminator)
"A pair of options to produce and parse an `ls -l'-type list from `find'.
This is a cons of two strings (FIND-OPTION . LS-SWITCHES).
FIND-OPTION is the option (or options) passed to `find' to produce
......@@ -77,10 +81,26 @@ For example, to use human-readable file sizes with GNU ls:
To use GNU find's inbuilt \"-ls\" option to list files:
(\"-ls\" . \"-dilsb\")
since GNU find's output has the same format as using GNU ls with
the options \"-dilsb\"."
:version "24.1" ; add tests for -ls and -exec + support
:type '(cons (string :tag "Find Option")
(string :tag "Ls Switches"))
the options \"-dilsb\".
While the option `find -ls' often produces unsorted output, the option
`find -exec ls -ld' maintains the sorting order only on short output,
whereas `find -print | sort | xargs' produced sorted output even
on the large number of files."
:version "27.1" ; add choice of predefined set of options
:type `(choice
(cons :tag "find -ls"
(string ,(car find-ls-option-default-ls))
(string ,(cdr find-ls-option-default-ls)))
(cons :tag "find -exec ls -ld"
(string ,(car find-ls-option-default-exec))
(string ,(cdr find-ls-option-default-exec)))
(cons :tag "find -print | sort | xargs"
(string ,(car find-ls-option-default-xargs))
(string ,(cdr find-ls-option-default-xargs)))
(cons :tag "Other values"
(string :tag "Find Option")
(string :tag "Ls Switches")))
:group 'find-dired)
(defcustom find-ls-subdir-switches
......@@ -123,8 +143,10 @@ This function takes no arguments. The *Find* buffer is narrowed to the
output of `find' (one file per line) when this function is called."
:version "27.1"
:group 'find-dired
:type '(choice (function :tag "Function")
(const :tag "None" nil)))
:type '(choice (const :tag "Sort file names lexicographically"
(function :tag "Refining function")
(const :tag "No refining" nil)))
(defvar find-args nil
"Last arguments given to `find' by \\[find-dired].")
......@@ -511,14 +511,24 @@ See `grep-find-use-xargs'.
This variable's value takes effect when `grep-compute-defaults' is called.")
(defvar grep-find-use-xargs nil
(defcustom grep-find-use-xargs nil
"How to invoke find and grep.
If `exec', use `find -exec {} ;'.
If `exec-plus' use `find -exec {} +'.
If `gnu', use `find -print0' and `xargs -0'.
If `gnu-sort', use `find -print0', `sort -z' and `xargs -0'.
Any other value means to use `find -print' and `xargs'.
This variable's value takes effect when `grep-compute-defaults' is called.")
This variable's value takes effect when `grep-compute-defaults' is called."
:type '(choice (const :tag "find -exec {} ;" exec)
(const :tag "find -exec {} +" exec-plus)
(const :tag "find -print0 | xargs -0" gnu)
(const :tag "find -print0 | sort -z | xargs -0'" gnu-sort)
(const :tag "Not Set" nil))
:set 'grep-apply-setting
:version "27.1"
:group 'grep)
;; History of grep commands.
......@@ -728,6 +738,9 @@ This function is called from `compilation-filter-hook'."
;; forward slashes as directory separators.
(format "%s . -type f -print0 | \"%s\" -0 %s"
find-program xargs-program grep-command))
((eq grep-find-use-xargs 'gnu-sort)
(format "%s . -type f -print0 | sort -z | \"%s\" -0 %s"
find-program xargs-program grep-command))
((memq grep-find-use-xargs '(exec exec-plus))
(let ((cmd0 (format "%s . -type f -exec %s"
find-program grep-command))
......@@ -752,6 +765,9 @@ This function is called from `compilation-filter-hook'."
(cond ((eq grep-find-use-xargs 'gnu)
(format "%s <D> <X> -type f <F> -print0 | \"%s\" -0 %s"
find-program xargs-program gcmd))
((eq grep-find-use-xargs 'gnu-sort)
(format "%s <D> <X> -type f <F> -print0 | sort -z | \"%s\" -0 %s"
find-program xargs-program gcmd))
((eq grep-find-use-xargs 'exec)
(format "%s <D> <X> -type f <F> -exec %s %s %s%s"
find-program gcmd quot-braces null quot-scolon))
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