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(Invoking emacsclient): If Emacs has no available frame, it now uses

emacsclient's terminal.
parent 4e0a0968
......@@ -1338,9 +1338,9 @@ terminal, switch to that virtual terminal.}
If there is no Emacs server, the @command{emacsclient} program halts
with an error message. If the Emacs process has no existing
frame---which can happen if it was started as a daemon (@pxref{Emacs
Server})---the above usage does not work; you need to use the
@samp{-c} or @samp{-t} option to tell Emacs to create a new frame.
@xref{emacsclient Options}.
Server})---then Emacs opens a frame on the terminal in which you
called @command{emacsclient}, as though you had used the @samp{-t}
option (@pxref{emacsclient Options}).
@kindex C-x #
@findex server-edit
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